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Global warming is having a big impact on our planet. Experts say we only have a short time left to make an effective change to limit future warming.


Our Hydro Genie System helps you make that change now.


The Hydro Genie System is an enhanced heat transfer modifier. Most of us have central heating systems that burn natural fossil fuels in our homes or premises. Using proven, patented technology, a Hydro Genie System dramatically improves the heat transfer to the circulating water In your central heating. Fitted alongside an existing boiler, it reduces the amount of fuel your heating system uses, which leads to lower carbon emissions, warmer homes and much lower heating bills.

Help save the planet and save money on your heating bills 

The UK uses more energy for heating than for generating electricity or for running its transport system. As experienced engineers with a passion for environmental issues, we recognised that reducing more emissions from central heating is critical to helping create a carbon neutral future. That’s why we created the Hydro Genie System. 


A Hydro Genie System works with existing wet central heating systems to make them operate much more efficiently. A boiler with a Hydro Genie System fitted uses a lot less fuel, which leads to lower heating bills and much lower carbon emissions. Plus, your radiators work more efficiently too, producing up to 20% more heat. So, your home feels cosier for less money and less harmful CO2emissions.


The Hydro Genie System has been proven. In a government sponsored test, it saved 49.8% of the gas used to heat a three-bedroom home. Once it’s installed, you’ll see your bills drop from day one. The savings you make on your heating bills mean that the cost of installing a Hydro Genie is paid back in just four years. With the VAT reduced to 5% on the whole installation, homeowners save 15% on the total cost of the full install.

All domestic Hydro Genie Systems come with a 10-year warranty.


Helping decarbonise commercial buildings 

Businesses and organisations are under increasing pressure to reduce energy consumption and reduce harmful CO2emissions. Yet the UK uses more energy for heating than for generating electricity or running its transport system.


Decarbonising the built environment just got a lot easier with our Hydro Genie Commercial System.

The Hydro Genie Commercial System is an enhanced heat transfer modifier.Working alongside commercial heating and hot water systems, it improves heat transfer which reduces carbon emissions and running costs. Installed as a retrofit to an existing system or as part of a new boiler house installation, it is compatible with all types of on-site Building Management System.


Hydro Genie Systems can be installed in most private sector properties and public sector buildings - including offices, hospitals, schools, health and social care facilities and defence buildings.


Fitting a Hydro Genie System alongside an existing heating system will:


  • Reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 39%*.

  • Increase the lifespan of heating system components, including carbon steel pipes.

  • Reduce ongoing heating and cooling system maintenance costs.

  • Contribute to Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) requirements.

  • Provide up to 20% more heat from radiators.


*As shown in tests carried out by Strathclyde Eco-Innovation Unit in Castlehead secondary school Paisley. See our case study for more information.



Affordable pricing options

With no upfront installation costs, choose from a 5 or 7-year lease period to pay for your new system. The savings to your heating bills covers monthly repayments for commercial installations. Plus, payments are 100% tax deductible. This makes installing a Hydro Genie System a cost-effective solution to help decarbonise and improve the energy efficiency of your buildings. 


The savings made on your heating bills can cover the cost of the lease finance which means that:


  • You can conserve and control cash flow for the core business. 

  • You can protect existing credit lines. 

  • You can hedge against inflation. 

  • You have the option to upgrade equipment during the period without financial penalty. 


All commercial Hydro Genie Systems come with a 7-year warranty.


Providing a Number 1 Service

Fast Performance

The Hydro Genie can be fitted onto nearly any heating system and runs along side you own system,

The fitting itself takes no more than a day and remember you start saving money on your fuel bills from day one.

The Cost

The important question that everyone asks, and rightly so.

Before we can answer this a hydro genie technician will come out to your property or business and conduct a full site survey.

Every home and business is different.


At an onsite visit you will receive the full cost involved and show you the maths and savings relevant to YOUR HOME.


Once our clients see and understand how it works and the savings that are made the only regret is they never had the Hydro Genie fitted years ago.  

Go Greener

Tackling climate change can seem like a daunting one,

But a Hydro Genie fitted to your home or business will dramatically reduce your  Co2 emissions *

*As shown in tests carried out in conjunction with the Scottish Government funded Scottish Environmental Technologies Network (SETN).

Learn all about the advantages that our Hydro Genie System has to offer

Circulating water is the most inefficient part of a heating system. It contains dissolved oxygen that, when heated, forms as bubbles on the heat exchanger in a boiler. This acts like bubble wrap, slowing down heat transfer and producing rusty black sludge that clogs the system. 


A Hydro Genie System removes the dissolved oxygen to stop this happening. Using applied physics, fluid dynamics and electronics, it cleans, enhances and regulates the heat transfer to the circulating water in a central heating system. This also leads to up to 20% more heat being generated across the radiators.


Available in domestic and commercial sizes, Hydro Genie Systems retrofit to existing heating pipes and are wired to the control circuit.


Hydro Genie Systems work with:

  • Gas boilers

  • Oil boilers

  • Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)

  • Electric wet boilers

  • Heat pumps


We've Come a Long Way to Get Here!

After years of investment, trial and error in preparation for the Hydro Genie being approved for the UK and Irish markets,we are very proud to have designed and manufactured such an exciting money saving product that people will benefit from for years to come.

The Hydro-Genie Heat Enhancement System use a unique combination of electronics and fluid dynamics within its chambers to progressively remove dissolved dirt & oxygen from wet heating systems.

  • Removing the dissolved oxygen eliminates the bubbles that normally cover the boiler’s heat exchanger which reduces heat transfer.

  • With the dissolved oxygen removed, the water becomes denser.

  • The denser water makes full contact with the heat exchanger enhancing the heat transfer and the boiler is on for less time.

  • Radiators actually radiate more heat providing faster heat up times, longer cool down times.

  • Our electronic thermal control unit regulates the flow to the radiators only to keep them at there optimum temperature.

  • All this means the boiler is now on for less time and still providing the same heat in the heated areas for less money.

  • Reducing your consumption of fuel and Carbon emissions.

  • Save up to 49% on heating fuel consumption dependent on which of our system is fitted.

  • Be Greener Reduce CO2 emissions

  • Provides  up to 20% more heat from radiators.

  • Electronically regulates the heat to your radiators providing the same comfort levels.

  • All systems eliminate rust and remove dirt.

  • 5 year manufacturers warranty.

  • Retro fits to all wet heating.

  • Different system combinations to suit all types of homes.

  • Stops Rusting in the system.

  • Works with Oil, Gas, LPG, Electric wet boilers & Heat Pumps.

  • Rated at 5% VAT when fitted by one of our UK installers.


What People are Saying

Click play to watch our video reviews

Real reviews from real people,written reviews can be seen on request.

I got my platinum Genie fitted in March 2016 and was waiting on a full years before giving a review.
My bills have reduced substantially saving us £975 on same period last year so almost 50% less . My wife is most pleased that the radiators in our home are much warmer and have been since our fitting, its the first time we've been cosy throughout the whole house since we moved in. Our system is 12 years old and its working better than ever with the boiler buzzing in and off way less than previously which has to be a good thing.

The fitting of the system was mess free and we have found the company we purchased it from and fitted the system to be very professional throughout. I will put another update on a year from now and my wife isn't dreading the winter months in an old house this year.

We had a Hydro-Genie fitted in our office. It was a very professional, hassle free installation process which was completed in one day.

We feel the Hydro-Genie is definitely going to save us money as our thermostat has already been turned down, all the radiators feel like they are emitting more heat and my electric heater "under" the desk has been unplugged.

We are pleased that we are going to see a fantastic 49% reduction of our bills. We would be happy to recommend the Hydro-Genie to any company wanting to save money on their utility bills.

Nearly three years ago Biskit Controls Ltd fitted a Hydrogenie system to my oil fired oil central heating boiler which was previously proving very expensive to run. Since then I have noticed a marked improvement in the heat from my radiators and the consumption of fuel. It was easily installed with little or no disruption and well worth the outlay. I would recommend this system to anyone who is finding their home hard to heat.
I would say it is saving me just under half of what it use to so I am very Pleased.

Miss P. Dewar

Karen Mann

Mr & Mrs Harrison


Get in Touch

For homeowners, we offer a FREE visit or, to save carbon emissions, a video call to survey your boiler and check eligibility for a Hydro Genie System.

For commercial customers, we carry out a FREE site visit to survey your commercial heating system and advise on the right Hydro Genie solution for your premises.




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