About Hydro Genie Systems

The Hydro Genie was invented by Jim Bisset, a qualified and experienced electrical engineer and green energy specialist.

Living in rural Scotland, Jim is passionate about the environment and the impact that climate change is having both locally and around the world.

Jim Bisset, Green Energy Specialist and inventor of the Hydro Genie System

Having previously worked as an installer of ground source heat pumps and solar panels, he realised that one of the biggest polluters we have in the UK is our own heating systems.

With our weather making us reliant on burning fossil fuels to stay warm, and with the cost of switching to renewables too high for many, Jim set out to develop a way to improve the energy efficiency of existing heating systems.

After years working with heating systems, Jim knew that the water circulating within central heating is the most inefficient part of the system.

Water contains dissolved oxygen that, when heated, forms as bubbles on the heat exchanger in a boiler. These bubbles slow down the transfer of heat to the water and produces rusty black sludge that clogs the system.

Jim found a way to remove oxygen bubbles from the water circulating in a central heating system to make the whole system much more energy efficient.

His invention, the Hydro Genie, was patented in 2018 and Hydro Genie systems have now been installed in hundreds of homes and businesses across the UK.

Made in Scotland, installed across the UK

Every Hydro Genie System is made at production facilities in Scotland. We have a network of hand-picked heating engineers and plumbers across the UK who are fully trained to install domestic and commercial Hydro Genie Systems.

Our installers work in compliance with the local COVID rules for their area. This means that we can carry out an assessment of home heating systems by video call, or if allowed, in person, before recommending the type of Hydro Genie System to install. For commercial premises, we still require a site visit to design a system suited to the needs of your building.

Demonstrating Energy Efficiency with The Living Lab and Energy Systems Catapult

Hydro Genie Systems have been installed in The Living Lab, a unique, real-world facility using real homes to market-test, demonstrate and validate innovative technologies.

The Living Lab is run by Energy Systems Catapult, an independent, not-for-profit centre of excellence set up to accelerate the transformation of the UK’s energy system and ensure businesses and consumers capture the opportunities of clean growth.

By taking part in the Living Lab, Hydro Genie Systems will have additional validated data on the energy efficiencies and cost savings it delivers to support previous studies funded by the Scottish Government and carried out by the University of Strathclyde Eco-Innovation Unit.