Climate Change

“We cannot leave the few to do so much, as the sands of time fall against us”

Across the world, we’re all now seeing and experiencing the devastating effects of climate change.

We have raced headfirst into this crisis by increasingly releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as a result of our lifestyles, industries and travel choices. Yet many people throughout the world have been telling us for years that we must do something to address this growing problem and avoid damaging both our environment and the climate itself.

Greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere by industry is a major contributor to climate change.
Climate change has had a major impact on the physical environment and the well-being of wildlife in Antarctica - which is one of the fastest warming areas on Earth.
Some scientists are now saying that the planet’s most powerful tool to help us fight climate change will be nature itself – but just waiting for nature to reverse the damage caused to our climate is not nearly enough. Urgent action is needed now!

It is time for the world to stand and be counted, and we must all now get out of our comfort zones and help push the boundaries in reducing greenhouse gases and help nature stand a chance.

This is our chance to leave a better planet for future generations.

Jim Bisset,
Inventor of the Hydro Genie

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