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Cut energy bills and carbon emissions in Hotels and B&Bs

Cut energy bills and carbon emissions by up to 35%

According to the Carbon Trust, the hospitality and leisure sector accounts for over a third of the UK’s energy consumption. Heating, which is so important to a guest’s overall experience, is one of the key contributors to carbon emissions in hotels. Heating systems also account for up to 60% of hotel energy bills.

In the hospitality industry, keeping the heating on in the colder months is essential. A warm, cosy room is expected by guests as they check-in to stay for the night. A cold hotel or Bed & Breakfast could quickly see its TripAdvisor ratings suffer.

Working with existing central heating systems

Hydro Genie Systems work with existing gas, electric and oil heating systems to make them much more efficient, cutting energy bills by reducing fuel consumption and emissions by up to 35%.

Retro-fitted to the pipe work of existing boilers, the Hydro Genie System is an enhanced heat transfer modifier that works with central heating systems that burn natural fossil fuels. This includes gas and oil heating systems.

Using proven, patented technology, a Hydro Genie System dramatically improves the heat transfer to the circulating water in your central heating. This reduces the amount of fuel your boiler uses. It also removes oxygen from the water which is the cause of rust and sludge build-up in radiators. The Hydro Genie System removes this rust and sludge so that radiators provide up to 20% more heat. Overall, this leads to lower carbon emissions, warmer rooms and much lower heating bills.

For any size of hospitality property

We have installed Hydro Genie Systems in small Bed and Breakfasts with a standard domestic heating system and large hotels with heating systems that have their own boiler rooms. Our installers can carry out a full survey of larger premises to create a system designed to make rooms for guests warmer, cut energy bills and lower carbon emissions.