Case Studies

Energy Efficient Heating System for Schools and Education Buildings

Energy Efficient Heating cuts heating bill costs in the public sector

Tackling carbon emissions from existing buildings is crucial to helping the UK achieve its target of a net zero greenhouse gas emission economy. Central heating systems in public buildings account for 10% of all heating emissions in the UK according to a report in 2019 from the Climate Change Committee, which advises the UK and devolved governments on emissions targets. Installing energy efficient Hydro Genie Systems in public sector buildings can reduce fuel consumption and emissions from heating by nearly 40%.

We installed a Hydro Genie System to work with an existing commercial heating system in a large education establishment. The heating system consisted of three Hamworthy Wimborne gas boilers feeding into a 150mm header loop to provide heat and hot water to six zones within the building.

We fitted two Hydro Genie System units to work with the existing heating system – one to the flow, and one to the return on the header loop. A Hydro Genie System variable thermal control was also fitted to regulate the temperature of the heating fluid.

With the Hydro Genie System installed, we were able to reduce the outgoing temperature of the heating fluid from the boilers from 80ºC to 65ºC while maintaining a comfortable temperature in the building. Radiators now emit more heat thanks to the eradication of cold spots as the Hydro Genie System removes the dirt and dissolved oxygen from heating fluids. The hot water tank still supplies water at the appropriate temperature.

The results

The Hydro Genie System has been in place for six years. Initial monitoring after installation showed a projected annual energy saving of 39%. This saving was supported by data collected with Enistic GPRS loggers, a pulse meter, and GPRS temperature sensors over a two-week test period.