How Hydro Genie Works

Circulating water is the most inefficient part of a heating system. It contains dissolved oxygen that, when heated, forms as bubbles on the heat exchanger in a boiler. This acts like bubble wrap, slowing down heat transfer and producing rusty black sludge that clogs the system.

A Hydro Genie System removes the dissolved oxygen to stop this happening. Using applied physics, fluid dynamics and electronics, it cleans, enhances and regulates the heat transfer to the circulating water in a central heating system. This also leads to up to 20% more heat being generated across the radiators.
Available in domestic and commercial sizes, Hydro Genie Systems retrofit to existing heating pipes and are wired to the control circuit.


The two thermal images shown here illustrate the benefits of the Hydro Genie system on radiator temperatures:

Radiator before Hydro Genie fitted


Radiator after Hydro Genie fitted


Illustration showing how a Platinum Hydro Genie installation works in a typical domestic environment.
Illustration shows a Platinum Hydro Genie installation in a typical domestic environment.

Hydro Genie Systems work with:

  • Gas boilers
  • Oil boilers
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Electric wet boilers
  • Heat pumps

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