Commercial Premises

For Commercial Heating Systems:

  • Reduce commercial heating bills by up to 35%
  • Reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 35%
  • Reduce maintenance and increase the lifespan of heating systems
  • Provide up to 20% more heat from radiators
  • Quick Return on Investment after installation

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Cut costs and increasing the energy efficiency of your heating system

The Hydro Genie System is a low carbon solution for existing fossil fuel boilers and commercial wet heating systems.

Our patented, energy saving systems work with existing or new commercial heating and hot water installations to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The systems use a mix of clever electronics and fluid dynamics to maximise the heat transfer within your boiler and heating system. This reduces the amount of fuel your boiler needs to heat your premises. With the commercial heating system using less fuel, heating costs and carbon emissions are reduced by up to 35% a year.

Hydro Genie Systems can be installed as a retrofit to an existing system or as part of a new commercial boiler house installation and are compatible with all types of on-site Building Management System. They can be installed in most private sector properties and public sector buildings including offices, hotels, bed and breakfasts, hospitals, schools, social care facilities, defence buildings and social housing.

Reducing commercial heating system maintenance

Hydro Genie Systems cut down on maintenance costs by removing dirt and dissolved oxygen from heating fluids. This stops rust from forming so that corrosion and deposits on both sides of plate heat exchangers are dramatically reduced. Its unique dirt collection system can be manually cleaned, or it can be fitted with our fully automatic emptying system with a settlement chamber to leave everything running as cleanly and effectively as possible.

An affordable alternative to renewables

A Hydro Genie System is a great alternative to the installation of expensive renewable technologies. Because it works with existing heating systems, the installation process is relatively quick with disruption and downtime limited. You can start reducing your carbon footprint and heating bills immediately after install. What’s more, the Hydro Genie benefits from a quick return on investment on capital expenditure due to the savings made on energy bills.


Zero Waste Scotland provides free and impartial support and access to funding to help businesses save energy, money and carbon.


(Platinum Hydro Genie System shown)

Commercial Hydro Genie example

Saving heating bills, paying for itself

Our unique sequence of fluid dynamics within each Hydro Genie unit removes dissolved oxygen and dirt from heating fluids. The fluid heats up more quickly as there are no bubbles forming on the heat exchanger and heat transfer to the fluid is enhanced. The boiler is therefore on for less time, saving fuel consumption, money and reducing emissions.

Hydro Genie Systems can be installed to various sizes of heating pipework, from 28mm to 200mm. Variable thermal control units set the temperature of the water in the header loop by monitoring the flow and return pipes coming out of each Hydro Genie System unit. Once the header achieves the set temperature on the flow and return it automatically shuts down the heat source. The heat source is only switched back on when the heating fluid drops below a set temperature.

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