For Your Home

A Hydro Genie System grants you three wishes:

  • Make your home more energy efficient
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Make your home instantly warmer

Suitable for use with most wet heating systems, including Gas, Oil, LPG & ELECTRIC


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Want to stay warm, save money and help save the planet?

Installing a Hydro Genie System in your home to work alongside your existing central heating system will help you do just that. Hydro Genie Systems improve the energy efficiency of your boiler to reduce the amount of fuel it uses by up to 50%. This means that your heating bills and fuel emissions are cut by up to 50% too.

An energy efficient way to heat your home

A Hydro Genie System works with most the most common types of central heating systems in the UK. These are the systems that are responsible for so much of our carbon emissions.

Boilers, usually burning fossil fuels like gas or oil, heat water that is then circulated around the home to heat radiators in each room. Even the most modern central heating systems are not operating at maximum efficiency.

Fitting a Hydro Genie System alongside your existing boiler and pipework maximises the energy efficiency of your heating system with the minimum of hassle and disruption.

Fitting a Hydro Genie System alongside your existing boiler and pipework maximises the energy efficiency of your heating system with the minimum of hassle and disruption.
Illustration showing how a Platinum Hydro Genie installation works in a typical domestic environment.

Reducing carbon emissions

Circulating water is the most inefficient part of any heating system. Bubbles in the liquid hinder heat transfer and create rust and sludge that builds up in pipes and radiators.

A Hydro Genie System uses proven, patented technology to remove trapped and dissolved air, removing the bubbles and dramatically improve heat transfer from the boiler to the circulating water. This cuts the amount of fuel your boiler uses, which cuts your bills and reduces harmful emissions from your heating system.

Saving heating bills, paying for itself

The money you save on your heating bills begins to offset the cost of installation from the minute a Hydro Genie System starts working.

Depending on the age and size of your home and the heating systems already installed, we find that the average payback period for a Hydro Genie System ranges from between 3 to 5 years. More details are available on our Save Money on Your Heating Bills page.

Our installation team will be able to provide you with the estimated payback period for your home.

No more bleeding radiators

Hydro Genie Systems have built-in dirt separators and a magnetic catchment chamber which removes rust and sludge build-up in pipes and radiators. Plus, removing trapped oxygen from the water in the heating system eliminates the cause of rust in radiators.

Without the rust and sludge, the full surface of a radiator is able to heat up without any cold spots, leading to warmer rooms and removing the need to bleed your radiators to get rid of trapped air pockets.

Who should get a Hydro Genie System in their home?

If you care about the environment and want an energy efficient way to heat your home, then a Hydro Genie System will help.

We have a Hydro Genie System suitable for every type of home, from urban flats to large, rural detached houses. Older or larger houses will gain the greatest benefit from their installation, but modern homes also see significant savings on their energy bills and carbon emissions too. Get in touch with our installation team to find out more:

Installing a Hydro Genie System

Because Hydro Genie Systems work alongside your existing boiler and central heating system, it can be installed in your home in less than a day.

Our expert installation advisers will carry out an assessment of your home and heating system first to advise you on the right Hydro Genie System to deliver the energy efficiency you need.

Your system will then be installed by one of our fully trained Hydro Genie Systems engineers. We have installers across the UK.


Permanently remove air pockets and dissolved air in the circulating water to keep radiators warm.