Test Results

Results From our Initial Hydro Genie Trials:

In 2014, the Platinum Hydro Genie System was used in a Scottish Government sponsored test through the SETN, in conjunction with the University of Strathclyde. Using cloud based monitoring technology, they recorded a 49.8% reduction in the amount of gas being used to heat a three bedroom home.

Also in 2014, a Commercial Platinum Hydro Genie System was tested by the Strathclyde Eco Inovation Unit (SEIU) in a large secondary school using the same cloud based monitoring system. The 150mm Commercial Platinum System reduced installed at the school reduced the amount of gas being used to heat the hot water and space heating by 39%.

In 2020 both of these test results were accepted by OFGEM after two applications for the ECO3 scheme were submitted by EDF – our application partners at that time. Unfortunately the ECO3 scheme finished around that same time.

The Energy Systems Catapult’s Living Lab

The Living Lab have one hundred home owners signed up to have their energy consumption monitored for the a three year period. From these hundred Living Lab homes, five in Newcastle were chosen to carry out the first phase of real world Hydro Genie trials, and these were fitted with 22mm Platinum Hydro Genie Systems.

Unfortunately, during the testing period, one of the homes communications technology failed, which couldn’t be repaired due to the first COVID lockdown period.

The results recorded from the other four homes provided energy savings of 22% in two homes. Home 3 recorded a 43% saving and home 4 recorded a 52% saving. Even if we take the average across these four homes, it works out at a very respectable 34.75% saving – which is over a one third saving on the heating costs & carbon emissions from domestic heating.


Energy Systems Catapult Letter of Support

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Zero Waste Scotland

The Hydro Genie System has been adopted as one of the measures provided by Zero Waste Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Business Support scheme, funded by the Scottish Government and the European Regional Development Fund. Zero Waste Scotland provide free and impartial support and access to funding to help businesses save energy, money and carbon.

Two Hydro Genie Systems have been installed at Cartha Queens Park RFC in Glasgow under the Energy Efficiency Business Support scheme, and we will be getting feedback from the club in the coming months.

North Lanarkshire Council

A 150mm bore Commercial Hydro Genie System has recently been installed in a school in Cumbernauld. The swimming pool water at the school has experienced quicker heat up times and higher temperatures. On the first day after installation, water temperature had gone up to 35ºC on the heating flow and 34ºC in the pool – which usually could take up to four days, and only reach 33ºC.


Domestic Test Results

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Commercial Test Results

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