Reduce your homes heating bill by up to 50%

Did you know you can now reduce your homes heating bill by up to 50%?

This can be achieved by having a Platinum Hydro Genie System retrofitted to the flow and return pipes coming from your existing fossil fuelled boiler. The Platinum System has two Hydro Genies and an electronic controller which can save fuel consumption by up to 50%.

Our Gold System has one Hydro Genie and an electronic controller which can save fuel consumption by up to 30%.

The Hydro Genie System is retrofitted beside or close to the existing boiler. It removes the dissolved oxygen from the circulating water, this improves the heat transfer to the water and from the water to the radiators. This dramatically increases the effectiveness of your heating system.

The first thing people notice is that the whole of the radiator heats up, not just the top. In fact the radiators heat more evenly, providing up to 20% more heat, because the dissolved gases are removed from the circulating water and no bubbles are forming on the heat exchanger slowing down the heat transfer to the water. Your radiators heat up much more quickly. They stay warm for longer between the boiler switching off and switching back on. The hot water also heats up much more quickly.

By removing the dissolved oxygen from the circulating water, the Hydro Genie System stops the oxidation of the steel components within the heating installation, stopping the sludge buildup in the radiators. Hydro Genies also help in hard water areas as it helps stop limescale buildup, as there is no dissolved oxygen for it to grow within the heating system prolonging the life of boilers. With no more dissolved oxygen there is no longer any need to bleed radiators after the initial bleeding of the radiators.

Our customers are delighted with the results

Mr Steven Cranston from Dunblane had one of our Platinum Hydro Genie Systems retrofitted in his 4 bed house where he had tried everything to stop the heat loss from his house and even after spending loads of money on this he could never get his radiators warm.

Platinum Hydro Genie System

Heating finally heats our house!

Having been in our current home for 12 years we’d tried everything to reduce our heating bills and try and get the house warm. New loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, new double-glazed windows and new doors and a “power-flush” of the central heating to clear any sediment. We still had to have the heating on almost constantly over the winter and rarely got the temperature in the house over 19 C. Our next move was a new boiler until I heard about Hydro Genie.

We had the Hydro Genie installed last winter and have seen savings of around 50% in our gas consumption. Even though I was now working from home due to covid I had the heating on less as the house heated up so much quicker than before with the entire radiator surfaces giving off heat – not just the tops of them. There’s no more sediment and bleeding of radiators needed as the Hydro Genie draws off the sediment and vents off the air itself. In summary my house is much warmer even though I’ve turned down the boiler, the thermostats on the radiators and reduced the time the heating is actually on for. With rising energy prices the Hydro Genie will have paid for itself in a few years and then it’s all cash savings – for me around £100 per month!

Mr Steven Cranston from Dunblane on TrustPilot

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There’s no need to replace or upgrade the boiler. In fact Hydro Genie will prolong the life of your heating system. It can be fitted to existing Mains Gas, Oil or LPG and can also be installed to electric wet boilers or heat pumps, although the savings are lower. The Hydro Genie Systems also future-proof your heating system for any fuels or boilers of the future.

There are two domestic options available and come in 2 sizes for domestic use, the 22mm Hydro Genie Gold System for smaller homes and the 22mm or 28mm Platinum System for larger homes.

The inventor, Jim Bisset, is an electrical engineer of over 35 years. From Thornhill near Stirling, Scotland, he was granted the Patent for his technology in 2018.

Using my patented fluid dynamic’s within the hydro genie technology it introduces Henry’s Law of Physics to the circulating heating water, removing the dissolved gasses and expelling them through an automatic air vent on top of each hydro genie. Once’s the gasses are expelled, the next part of Physics happens within its chambers, the fluid dynamics slightly compress the fluid which lifts the temperature by 2 – 3 degrees C in each hydro genie without using any more heating fuel. Now because the boilers thermostat can’t detect the enhanced heat from the hydro genies, the systems automatic controller monitors the delta T of the enhanced heat on the flow and return pipes coming out of the Hydro Genies and switches the boiler into economising mode reducing fuel consumption, carbon emissions and lowering bills.

After designing the device in 2013, I put it onto my own oil heating system, monitored it and discovered it was doing something incredible, so I applied for patent which was granted in 2018.

Jim Bisset

The platinum system was tested by the Scottish Environmental Technologies Network in conjunction with the University of Strathclyde with funding from the Scottish Government. The tests showed extraordinary energy and carbon savings of 49.8% in a domestic 3 bed home.

Strathclyde Eco Innovation Unit from the University of Strathclyde tested it on a large secondary school which recorded a reduction in gas use of 39%.

Domestic Hydro Genie Systems are now in over 980 domestic installations across the 4 nations of the UK.

There have been over 18 bespoke commercial installations carried out with more in the pipe line. It’s already making savings of 24% in a school in for North Lanarkshire Council even with the windows open all year for covid and heating the Schools swimming pool, it’s to be introduced to other council buildings throughout their portfolio.