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The Commercial Hydro Genie System

The Commercial Hydro Genie System is a retrofit, energy saving & carbon reduction solution, for existing commercial boilers, burning fossil fuels.

The Hydro Genie System provides boilers with a much more efficient way to transfer the heat from the boiler to the circulating fluid, Dramatically reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

Retro-fitted to the pipe work from existing fossil fuelled boilers, the Hydro Genie System enhances the heat transfer from the boiler to the circulating fluid, using proven patented technology. The Hydro Genie System removes rust and sludge, and catches it in their magnetic dirt collection tubes. Existing radiators can provide up to 20% more heat.

Our patented Commercial Platinum retrofit Hydro Genie Systems come in all commercial pipe sizes. They are all made from 304L Stainless Steel to provide longevity.

As no boiler house is exactly the same, boiler house surveys must be carried out to provide the correct solution for each boiler house, we can arrange a site visits to carry out a survey.

The Benefits

  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Reduced running costs
  • Cost neutral retrofit solution
  • Up to 20% more heat from the radiators
  • Removes dirt from the water
  • Stops rusting within the system
  • Built in weather compensation
  • Real time temperature control
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Kills lime scale & removes existing lime scale build up
  • Reduced bleeding of radiators
  • Retro fits to any wet heating system
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Installers across the UK

Commercial Hydro Genie System’s are a Cost Neutral, Retrofit Solution, for our Commercial Customers

Using our 100% servitised lease, your Commercial Hydro Genie, energy saving & carbon reducing project can be fully retrofitted to your buildings heating at no up front cost. This option covers the Hydro Genie System’s, full installation and the annual servicing costs for 10 years, and in doing so it benefits from a 10 year Hydro Genie Parts warranty, T&Cs apply.

Our servitised leasing starts from £1,000.00.

Our Commercial Hydro Genie servitised leasing, also allows the customer to update any outdated or U/S heating equipment, at the same time as having their Commercial Hydro Genie System installed.

Our servitised lease also provides the ability to upgrade any of the customers heating equipment during the term lease without any financial penalty.

With no upfront costs, our servitised leasing is the only cost neutral, energy saving and carbon reducing solution, that can provide savings and carbon reductions of up to 35% on existing fossil fuelled boilers.

Terms: the servitised leases are over either 2, 3, 4 or 5 years.

Payments are 100% tax deductible with this type of lease agreement, based on UK corporation tax at 20%.

Also when the lease is finished the kit belongs to the customer.

How Hydro Genies Work

The circulating water is the most INEFFICIENT part of a heating system. It contains dissolved oxygen and nitrogen. When the circulating water is heated, the dissolved gases form as bubbles, on the heat exchanger. This acts like bubble wrap, slowing down heat transfer. The micro bubbles that flow away from the boiler, coat the inside of the heating system, this makes rusty black sludge that impacts on the heating. 
Hydro Genie Systems remove the dissolved gasses, which stops all these things from happening, making any heating or cooling system operate more efficiently, Reducing Carbon Emissions.

Using the existing circulating pump, the heating fluid is pumped in to the patented Hydro Genie’s vertically mounted  chambers to start the first sequence of fluid dynamics, to fully introduce Henry’s Law of Physics in to the heating fluid, it firstly forms a centrifugal flow around the inside of the reception chamber, allowing a void to form in the centre under the automatic auto air valve, this throws any heavy materials against the internal sides of the chamber. At a lower point before the bottom exit a dirt-collection chamber, catches the magnetic and non magnetic dirt.

Then at the bottom of the reception chamber the fluid exits in to its vertical vortal chamber, to allow a vertical vortex to fully form, and at the bottom of the vortex the pressure drops, allowing any dissolved gases to be released into the void, the gasses rise up and exit through the auto air valve at the top of the Hydro Genie.

The removal of the dissolved gasses from the heating circulating water, stops limescale from growing, stops rust forming inside the radiators and other parts of the heating installation.

At the start of the process, the vortex forms the full length of its chamber, as it removes the gasses, it retreats back up to just under or in some cases just inside the reception chamber. This will then lengthen or shorten depending on any more dissolved gasses coming through, or if the system is drained and refilled.

Applying this understanding to wet heating systems enhances the heat transfer from any heat source.  

The Systems use Applied Physics, Fluid Dynamics and Electronics to clean, enhance and regulate the heat transfer to the circulating water – which can also provide up to 20% more heat across the radiators.


Once the dissolved gasses are out of the circulating fluid, the next part of applied physics takes place. With the now denser fluid passing through the Hydro Genies chambers, the fluid compresses slightly in the vacuum, and because a fluid with no gasses can compress, there is a lift in temperature of between 2 – 3 degrees C, on the way out of the Hydro Genie. This lift is done without burning any fuel. Our Gold systems only have one Hydro Genie on the return pipe, so the heating system only gets a lift of 2 – 3 degrees C.

Our Platinum Systems have a Hydro Genie on the flow and the return, so the heating system sees a collective lift in temperature of between 4 – 6 degrees C.

The Hydro Genie Systems Enhanced Heat Controls

Our commercial control range, uses our Genie Thermal Response, The (GTR) to collectively achieve our Commercial Hydro Genie Systems carbon and fuel reductions. The GTR has electronic sensors which are fitted to the FLOW and RETURN pipes exiting the hydro genies, these pick up the enhanced heat. The self learning function of the GTR software, reduces unnecessary boiler firing, by monitoring the enhanced heat and not the heat coming from the boilers, this reduces fuel wastage, all whilst maintaining internal comfort levels, and enhances the reduction of carbon emissions.

Our Premier GTR Commercial Controller can be integrated with the client’s BMS which can be set up by the customers BMS (TREND) service provider. Our Eco or Standard GTR can be used if no integration is required.

All GTRs come with built in surge protection to protect the GTR electronics.

The first BMS integrated feature is the ability to switch the GTR On, or put it in to Bypass mode, this capability is very helpful for servicing and to allow remote fault finding, proving if the Genie GTR is the cause of any faults or not. 

The second integrated feature can provide an alarm if the GTR has been left in ByPass mode, maybe after servicing.

The third integrated feature is an hours run counter on the program, to log how long the heating has been in economising mode.

Tests carried out by Strathclyde Eco-Innovation Unit, on a large secondary school, using a 150mm Platinum Hydro Genie System, recorded a reduction of 39% in carbon emissions and gas used.


The need for additives is in the main not a worry, because the Hydro Genies get rid of all the problems, wet heating and cooling systems face. For those who wish to still test and dose their systems this is fine as the chemicals used in the most part do not need the dissolved oxygen to work. We do use additives in conjunction with The Hydro Genie Systems, especially in some old dirty heating systems, in which we add a 3-in-1 additive and in some cases we add miracle seal from CT1 – which all work well with the Hydro Genie Systems. We do check the circulating fluid as part of our maintenance procedures.

The pH in the circulating water will naturally rise to reasonable levels of (around 8) when the water is heated, so the pH is not generally the problem when systems are running. But when they cool down, the pH can drop to as low as 4 (very acidic). With the Hydro Genie System installed this would not cause too much of a problem with all the gasses removed.

Degassing units are commonplace now with Spirotech, IMI-Hydronics, Flamco etc having the market share but whilst good, only a Hydro Genie Systems fluid dynamics & vacuum degases’s the corrosive oxygen.

The Hydro Genie System is an enhanced heat transfer modifier that changes the conductivity of the water. This is where the Hydro Genie System sails past the competition.


With the many domestic customers we have installed Hydro Genie Systems for, the whole system has been drained and refilled with mains water and no chemicals used, these systems have been serviced and the water is crystal clear even after 3 or 4 years.


In hard water areas, the operational efficiency of heat exchangers decreases by 7% for every 1mm of limescale growth. Limescale requires dissolved oxygen to grow. By removing the dissolved oxygen, the limescale softens, and any existing build up starts to dissolve. It then floats in suspension within the fluid, and can be captured in the Hydro Genie’s dirt separator.


Hydro Genie Systems, can help restore healthy circulation, in aged central heating systems by killing the deposits of rust and limescale, which constrain water flow.

When dissolved oxygen, is removed from circulating water, impediments, like rust, start to die and flake off. The Hydro Genie’s dirt collection chambers catch this dirt, which can be manually emptied.

When applied to old heating, pipework in schools, hospitals, hotels & other commercial buildings, significant carbon reduction results can be achieved.

If the existing heating system is really old, we can add miracle seal, to help keep the integrity of the installation.


Cavitation occurs when steam bubbles implode on the impellers of pumps. This damages the pumps impellers & casings, steadily diminishing the circulation.

Hydro Genie Systems help prevent cavitation by removing the dissolved gases from the water that are part of the problem. This saves the pumps from getting damaged and quietens noisy pumps and systems.


Trapped micro-bubbles along the top of under-floor heating pipes, impede the performance of under-floor heating. They can prevent the upward transfer of heat through the floor slab.

Hydro Genie Systems enhance the upward transfer of heat into living spaces by removing trapped micro-bubbles from under-floor pipes.   

Room temperatures are achieved quicker, reducing carbon emissions.

Enhanced Radiator Outputs

Hard to heat buildings become warmer within hours. The heat lasts longer between the boiler firings.

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